Winning Lottery Strategies

winning lottery strategiesWhat you are about to learn are the top secret winning lottery strategies. However, let us first shed some light on what typically happens in the event of playing a lottery game; you purchase a lottery ticket, and make castles in the air of how life will turn around if you win a million dollars. There is a very small chance that this could happen. However, you can increase your chances of winning if you plan your moves.

The first thing is that you need to pull out of the usual method of picking numbers. It is a fact that many people use their dates of birth or their age and at times their so-called “lucky numbers”. The chances of these numbers winning you the jackpot are almost 1%. This is because you need more than sheer luck in order to win a lottery.

What you need is a smart strategy. This way, you can use skills to win. The first plan is using long odd shots. With this, you can choose a variety of numbers and play dependent on skills and luck. Usually, you will be required to choose six numbers from a pool of numbers fashioned to be used during the particular lottery. In most cases, the pool will have more than 25 numbers and less than 59 from which to choose.

#1 Lotto Strategy

winning oddsThe first and most important strategy revolves around selection of the game. This means you need to choose lottery games that have lower odds. This means that the game you choose should have smallest field of numbers. By picking the smallest field, you will have better chances of landing on the winning numbers as opposed to when you have to pick from a big field.

#2 Lotto Strategy

lotto numbersThe second is selection of your lottery numbers. In respect to this strategy, you need to have some knowledge about the numbers that have made claims to be the most fortunate. By using these numbers, you will have a better chance of emerging as a winner. This strategy is based on examining the previous performance of numbers in a particular lottery game.

#3 Lotto Strategy

Lotto wheel strategiesThe last strategy is making use of a lottery wheel balance. This means that your cash should work towards bringing you a gain. You need to use your money to improve your winning chances. This means that you should have a pool of numbers that can trap the winning numbers. Bear in mind though, by using these strategies, you are not guaranteed to win; however, you will be increasing you winning chances by a considerable percentage.

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