What To Do If You Win The Lottery

Lotto WinningsI have tried my luck so many times. I have dreamt of being a rich person! I have played lots of games where money is to be won. I have been encouraged by the jackpots and high prizes offered by such games. Then, I came across the lottery. At first I was not interested, yet just few days after I had learned how to play it, I finally decided to go for a possible win.

Indeed, winning the lottery is a wish of many people like me. Even though the lottery has brought me to spending so much just to win once, I still never give up because I have the strong belief that one day I will be having the chance to hold the jackpot in my hand and in my pocket.

I even have thought of what to do if I am the winner of a lottery game. I have so many thoughts running through my mind. I even have imagined what measures I must take in order to protect my winnings!

Safekeeping the winning ticket is what I have thought of. I would do it as soon as I know that I have won. I would make sure that no one gets the chance to hold it until I claim it from the authorized personnel.

I would also make things silent. I would not let anyone have the knowledge about my winnings. It would be kept as a secret. However, an exemption is my family. I will let my family know this so that there will be people who would protect me as well.

The next thing I would do is to open a bank account. I would inform the bank that my money comes from the prize of the lottery. I am sure that the bank would be keeping it as a secret since they honor the privacy of their clients.

Lastly, I have thought of getting some help by consulting a financial adviser, if possible one with the experience of working with lottery winners. This action will assure you that the money could avoid being spent easily.

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