PA Lottery – Increase Your Winning Odds

PA LotteryThe lottery is without a doubt one of the favorite get rich quick pastimes in the United States. Pennsylvania is no exception. The PA lottery has many different types of games; each has a different cost amount to play as well as a different amount that can be won. It is popular for many reasons; the revenue that the lottery generates helps the educational department and schools within the state. It also helps fund senior centers and other grants directed at the older generation in the state.

Types of Lottery Games Offered 
Pennsylvania offers both the Mega Millions and the Powerball games. These are national lottery games that are valid across the United States. The Big 4 is a popular game; the winning numbers are picked twice per day. Unlike many games where all numbers must be matched in order to win, the Big 4 players who match as little as one number is eligible to win a cash prize. The more numbers are matched, the higher the prize will be.
The Treasure Hunt game is only drawn one time per day. The player will pick a set of five numbers out of a possible thirty. If two or more numbers are matched correctly, there is a cash prize awarded to the player. Traditional lottery drawings are done by plastic balls. Each ball has a printed number on it; the numbers are chosen randomly. The Treasure Hunt game numbers are selected randomly by a computer rather than the traditional printed ball method.

There are a total of eight lottery drawings to choose from; that does not include all the different varieties of scratch tickets. In addition to this, the state is unique in holding a twice a year state wide lottery. Each ticket costs $20.00 and is identified by a unique eight digit number. There is a limited amount of tickets; four winners are selected through a computer to win a million dollars. For this reason, this lottery is nicknamed the “Millionaire Raffle.”

How to Increase the Odds of Winning The Pennsylvania Lottery
There are some tips to increase the chance of picking the winning numbers. The majority of winners have been using the same combination of numbers for years; it may be a wise move to use the same sequence of numbers each time the game is played. Some people prefer what is referred to as a wheel system. When the player is familiar with the game, they choose all the numbers except for the last. A numbered wheel will determine the last number. Having more tickets increases the odds of winning; people often pool tickets with family or friends to increase the odds. If any ticket would win, all participants would split the winnings.

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