Silver Lotto Review

My Silver Lotto testimonial

J. Robbins

Not too long ago I received an email about Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System and decided to give it a try. I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting too much. My experiments with similar lotto systems all failed to produce consistent wins.

Right away I could see that the Silver Lotto System was different than anything else I had tried. Other systems required a huge investment and multiple ticket combinations which were confusing. The Silver Lotto System allowed me to spend just a few dollars per game, and I only had to fill out my tickets once. Using the system was easy and inexpensive. Within a short period of time I began to see positive results, and as my winnings began to grow I was actually able to reduce my investment while retaining a solid win rate. On my third play using the Silver Lotto System I scored my first win of $550. Since that time I have won with approximately 72% of my tickets.

One of the best things about the Silver Lotto System is that it allows me to do everything by hand. Some of the other systems I tried involved complex programs that had to be installed on my computer. They were difficult to use. The Silver Lotto System doesn’t even require a calculator. All I need is the manual, a pen, and a piece of paper.

After I was able to produce consistent wins with the Silver Lotto System in my own state lottery, I wanted to see if the system could be used in other lotteries. I found that my success rate was virtually the same no matter which lottery or game I chose to play. The percentages were consistent, and the winning tickets kept on adding up.

My opinion of the Silver Lotto System is that it can definitely increase your chance of winning. There isn’t a system out there that can guarantee you a jackpot win, and the Silver Lotto System doesn’t make that promise. It promises to increase your percentage of winning tickets, and in that regard the system passes the test with flying colors.

If you want to start winning, take a portion of what you spend on the lottery and purchase the Silver Lotto System right now.

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