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California LotteryAt present, the CA Lottery offers a wide variety of lottery games. There is the Draw game and the Scratchers Games. Under the Draw game they have the Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus, Fantasy 5, Daily 4, Daily 3, and Daily Derby and Hot spot. These games allow you to choose winning number combinations from a range of numbers given depending on the type of draw game you want to play. For example, you can choose five numbers from 1 to56 and one MEGA number from 1 to 46 on a playslip or through Quick Pick to play their MEGA millions. Each specific draw games will be played on their respective appointed days. You can also play their Scratchers Games. You can freely choose to play $1, $2, $3, $5 and $10 Scratchers. It’s very simple. All you have to do is scratch the covered portion of the ticket to unravel the prices. Isn’t it the best way ever to win instant big prices? No sweat at all.

How to Win The CA Lottery – Tips & Strategies

Lottery may give us hopes on ending our financial difficulties. But let’s face the fact that this betting game more often threatens our saving than doing well. Winning the lottery is like finding a grain of rice among a file of gravel. The odd of winning is really slim. But just like any other phenomena in this world, lottery works in a system. In order to higher our chances of winning we have to decode this system. Sure, cracking the system is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help you with this endeavor.

The Odd-Even Number Strategy

For you to have 65% winning chances, you have to come up with an odd and even mixture of numbers. Having all your winning combination in all odd or even will only give you 6% winning chances. It is proven that most often the winning numbers in the lottery are most often a mixture of odd and even numbers. So if are thinking of having your combination all in odd or even numbers, then winning will surely remain as a dream for you.

High-Low Number Strategy

You may notice that in a lottery the winning numbers are scattered out on the entire number scheme. To get 68% chance of winning, try to cut the number field into half. For example, you are playing the MEGA Millions, divide the number range into two. Number 1 to 28 will be your lower numbers and 29 to 56 will be your higher half. If you choose all lower or higher number combination, then you only have 5% chance of winning. You are not only wasting your time but your money at the same time.

Lottery Group Strategies

Pay more attention to every draw. You will find out that one or more of the number groups is not represented. To better understand and appreciate this strategy keep tract on the winning combination in each draw. It will surely help you choose the best number combination.

Hot Number Secrets

Same as the Lottery Group Strategy, you need to list and track down the winning number combinations in each draw and from there gauge the hot numbers. Hot numbers are numbers that don’t frequently show up in every draw or those that have been losers for consecutive draws. They will account a higher chance of winning the next draw that follows.

The success of winning in the California Lottery will depend on how you used all these tips in choosing your lucky number combination. Remember that lottery is a system. This follows that Lottery is a diverse and complex phenomena so there is no better way than the other. And one more thing, be a responsible player. Don’t totally give in to the calling of pleasure from betting. Lottery is an alternative way to earn additional income. One should not solely depend with it for survival.

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